Mid-Term Listings

O.R.E.S. serves to help those who are looking for a mid-term, temporary housing for those who are displaced due to natural disasters, fire or flood. We also service those who would like to lease due to relocation purposes.

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If you are looking to rent a fully furnished home or apartment you can view our availability in real-time. When you rent from us, you can be assured a high-level of professionalism and quick maintenance response. Our tenants experience the peace-of-mind that comes from a professionally managed rental home.

6010 Wabash Ave., #G

This modern garden unit apartment in Chicago offers 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms, complete with an indoor fireplace and open kitchen.

It comes fully furnished and equipped with all the amenities you need. Located in a central area, you’ll have easy access to popular tourist sites and nearby amenities.

6010 Wabash Ave., #3

This modern apartment unit boasts spacious rooms, complete amenities, an indoor fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, and stylish furnishings. Perfect for those seeking comfort and luxury in a contemporary living space.

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